Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a practical, cost-efficient way to build a diversified portfolio of bonds, stocks, or short term investments.  LaraDorbecker Securities Corporation utilizes the active management of styles of the following companies: Fidelity Advisor Funds & Fidelity Advisor World Funds, Franklin Templeton, LeggMason, AB Global, Investec Asset Management, Putnam Investments, etc.


Fidelity Advisor Funds & Fidelity Advisor World Funds - Fidelity Investment is one of the world's largest mutual fund and financial services firms, with managed assets of more than $3.1 trillion. Fidelity has played a leadership role in creating products and services that meet the needs of the world's investors for more than 60 years.

Franklin Templeton - at Franklin Templeton, there are numerous independent teams, each one with area of expertise - from traditionally to alternative strategies and multi-asset solutions.

LeggMason - LeggMason is a globally diversified family of independent investment managers who are each extensively recognized for their specialized expertise, commitment to outstanding client service and long term performance. 

AB Global - AB conveys a wide range of investment strategies across the capital structure. ABG particular combination of research and expertise help keep clients at the forefront of change.

Investec Asset Management - Investec Asset Management provides investment products and services to institutional clients, advisory clients and individuals.

Putnam Investments - Both strategies and global diversification are motivated by Putnam independent approach to investment research and make a difference in the performance of Putnam funds.