LDSC Business Continuity Statement

LaraDorbecker Securities Corporation

Business Continuity Statement


A significant business disruption (SBD) is a situation which may cause stress to our firm and our clients as we provide financial services in the areas of transaction order receipt and entry.


SBDs may take the following forms as a result of weather events, fire, or terrorist's actions. They may affect our firm and our clients in varying degrees: a firm-only business disruption, a disruption to a single building, a disruption to a business district, a city-wide business disruption, and a regional disruption


It is LaraDorbecker Securities Corporation's intention to be in a position to continue to serve our client's needs in any of these SBD events. 


The two most serious challenges we will overcome is a regional loss of power and telecommunications. To accomplish the goal of continuing to provide service to our clients in the event that we experience a SBD, we have developed and installed a Business Continuity Plan. We feel will provide a seamless relocation of our office to an alternate location.


In a SBD situation:


1.         Your primary contact method will remain our main telephone number 281-298-2423.  A voice mail message feature has been added to our primary phone. In an SBD you will receive an updated message on the current situation and the ability to leave a message. The Voice Mail Feature will continue to operate even with loss of power and telecommunication services.


2.         Your secondary contact method if our primary office number is unavailable will be our alternate telephone service number 281-419-2906 or 281-300-9981.  This service also has a message feature to update you on current events and also the ability for our clients to leave a message.


3.         For clients with general securities accounts, in the event that our office and cellular telephone services are unavailable, you may contact our Clearing Firm, National Financial Services.


4.         For clients that own mutual funds, you may contact the mutual fund company directly at the toll free number on your latest statement.


LaraDorbecker Securities Corporation is committed to providing every customer with updates to this disclosure should we add improvements or make any changes to our Business Continuity Plan for possible significant business disruptions.


While it is highly recommended that each customer maintain all statements from our Clearing Firm National Financial Services, LLC., and all mutual fund companies, both LaraDorbecker Securities Corporation and associated firms with which we conduct business have established similar BCPs that containing alternate business locations and backups of all record. All LaraDorbecker Securities Corporation Monthly Statements and Confirmations are available on our website www.laradorbecker as well as www.mystreetscape through National Financial Services LLC, a Fidelity Investments Company.

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